Misogynistic Lebanese Press Syndicate Head Insults Ukranian Women

Front page of El Shark newspaper with offending picture
Screen shot of Aouni Kaaki interview. “She’s a beautiful girl.”
Megaphone news site posts Ukranian ambassador’s letter
Mahmoud Ghazayel’s tweet on fact-checking the picture’s authenticity
Russian (not Ukranian) model Natalee
Lina Zhaim tweet blasting Kaaki’s male chauvenism and sleazy paper
Screen shot of El Shark’s front page with a photoshopped picture of President Michel Aoun (bottom) lounging in pyjamas



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Magda Abu-Fadil

Magda Abu-Fadil

Magda Abu-Fadil is a veteran foreign correspondent/editor of international news organizations, former academic, media trainer, consultant, speaker and blogger.